Unicorn on a Roll

My latest read was a short and sweet comic compilation, a quick read complemented by iced coffee. I’ve been looking for books that can be finished without spending the day at Second Cup and Phoebe’s unicorn adventures were a perfect fit. As you might imagine, the last lines for a comic aren’t written with the […]

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Beauty Fades, Dumb is Forever

Good morning! I was looking for something that could be read in one sitting with some energy to it, and Judge Judy certainly fit the bill. I happened across this book at my local Second Cup, the Canadian coffee company that has a wall of books available for customers to enjoy with their caffeine. Let’s […]

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The Help

Hi there! Technically, I started The Help on January 25th by reading the first chapter and gave myself a week to finish it. However, I’ll admit that most reading happened in the last two days due to my insane procrastination. Luckily, it was exciting enough for long reading sessions and I was able to stay […]

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